2465 Rosebery Ave. | West Vancouver | V7V 2Z8
Architecture by: FNDA Architecture Inc.
Photography by: Raef Grohne Architectural Photography

Built 2011, 3 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, 3500 square feet

Completed in March 2011, this project consisted of a major renovation of a 1960s wood post and beam house. Set adjacent to a creek, the house is perched up on a hill, nestled in an old forest growth, offering commanding views of the Burrard Inlet. The project required careful evaluation to decide whether to demolish and build new or keep the existing house and renovate. To protect the delicate ecosystem, the firm chose to renovate because the process required to demolish, dispose and build would far outweigh the advantage of building a new “green” house.

The home was carefully stripped down to allow for a new energy efficient roof, and walls, new Low-E Argon-filled double glazed wood windows, heat recovery ventilation and low flow toilets. LED lighting was added throughout the house. The design team recycled everything they could, including the existing elevator, spiral staircase and the ball light fixture, which now hangs over the dining table.

While interior spaces were opened up to allow for an open plan, the corridor to service the bedrooms had to remain. To combat the image of a dark and boring link, the hallway to the new glass study was punctuated with skylights to bring in natural daylight and ventilation. The LED lights animate the walls and graze the ceiling lattice work to create a stunning walkway which culminates with an antique 700 year old Mogul carved wood door set into the custom oak sliding panel which opens into the study. During the day, the corridor looks into the forested ravine and the skylights above the lattice cast shadows on the white walls, with a dance of light as the sun moves east to west.

The vaulted ceilings with the old beams and decking were painted dark grey to frame the new floating dry wall panels. The wood lattice work creates a play of light and shadow. The brushed white oak floor creates a warm ambiance and the single floor material throughout the house unifies the space. These design features celebrate the old structure of a traditional post and beam whilst the latticework and floating drywall panels give the contemporary statement of the home’s new lease on life.

The post and beam structure is deliberately kept visible with the addition of “floating” white ceilings to provide a contemporary element while allowing the installation of the environmentally sensitive LED down lights.

The living room provides a conversation area for formal occasions and the sliding white lacquered wood panel reveals the television when used as a family room, allowing for multiuse of the space. The entry with the articulated wood stair and glass railing opens up into the dining room.

The master bedroom enjoys ravine, forest and water views. The floor to ceiling glass creates a feel of being one with nature – the inside-outside experience. The white oak closets surround the bed which faces the forest. Closets are custom designed with all the necessary accessories and automatic LED lights when the doors open.


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